Who Are Mystr33t?

Tackling the world’s food wastage problem is a big task. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that around one-third of food produced is lost or wasted annually. A significant and avoidable part of this problem is the disconnect between food retailers and individuals, which leads to surplus food being unnecessarily disposed of. By building this connection and finding a place for still-fresh food, we, as a population, can take a step toward better sustainability. This is why Vipul Patel created Mystr33t.

After over twenty-five years of working within Banking and Investment Technology, Vipul decided to investigate how he might be able to turn his experience to one of his personal passions, food. Growing up, he was influenced by his parent’s resourceful cooking skills. His mother would let nothing go to waste, teaching him how delicious meals could be created from what might be disregarded as leftovers. Vipul’s father ran retail businesses, including a delicatessen, which saw him sourcing and cooking food to supply the community, including his locally famous home-cooked ham. These businesses experienced the seemingly unavoidable issue of food waste and stock would sometimes expire before finding someone to buy it. Vipul realised, however, that his innovative ideas could make an impact to reducing Food Waste which is a Trillon Dollar problem globally!

Founded in 2015 and supported by Richard Branson’s Pitch to Rich, Mystr33t is a marketplace that connects food retailers with surplus stock with individuals. This still fresh stock is sold at a discounted rate of at least 33% to local consumers, meaning that the business sells stock that would have otherwise gone to waste and the individual saves money on their shopping. This helps both parties reduce their costs while also helping to reduce the billions of pounds each year that are lost within the economy. Mystr33t benefits everyone across the food chain, from farm to fork and, by cutting down our food wastage, we can also create a more sustainable population.

If you are a local food retailer looking to reduce your surplus food waste and benefit from an increase to your revenue by 66%, as well as attract new customers, visit the Mystr33t vendor registration page to get set up today. We welcome all types of food retailers to join, from restaurants to stores, and butchers to plant-based businesses. Or, if you are an individual looking to save money, eat well, and contribute to a better planet, then visit our sign-up page.

There’s so much action that we can take to reduce unnecessary waste and it is estimated that around 60% of our food waste is preventable. We want to make this a reality. Just like Vip’s mother, we can begin by thinking of leftovers as ingredients instead. Within businesses and at home there are plenty of actions we can take that will help. Ultimately and most effectively, however, we will be able to create the most impact together, as a community.

For more information, you can reach out to our team here.

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