What does it cost to use MyStr33t?

As a buyer it is free. Simply sign up above! As a business MyStr33t works on a no sale : no fee basis. If you are a business looking to generate additional revenues (66%) from surplus food sign up above and we will get you up and running within a few days.


How does MyStr33t ensure high food quality?

Businesses selling food via the Mystr33t Marketplace are responsible for maintaining food quality. We only work with businesses that have food hygiene ratings of 3 or above (out of 5) as defined by the Food Standards Agency. For further information see: https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/food-hygiene-rating-scheme


How do I find food near me?

When you log into the MyStr33t Marketplace we will use your location to identify food near you, and show you available items in order of distance from you. 


How do I pay for my food?

You pay for your food on-line using a Debit card or Credit card via Worldpay (www.worldpay.com). Worldpay operates globally and serve merchants across 146 countries with 25 office locations in key markets. MyStr33t does not store any of your payment information. 


How do I collect my food?

Once you have paid for your item on-line, all you need to do is go to the store counter before the “Collect By” time and show your order number. These are shown on the order details in your list of purchased items in your MyStr33t Marketplace application. They are also on the email confirming your order.


Does MyStr33t operate across the UK, and in Europe?

Not yet – but that is our aim! We currently operate in areas of London and are expanding rapidly to include other areas in 2019.

Company Information

Mystr33t Limited - 45 Piggot Street, Flat 4, London, E14 7DH - United Kingdom - 09912804 - Phone 07976630185

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