"Reducing Waste in Favour Taste"

Every year in the UK we waste over £20billion worth of food - about equivalent to 100 London buses every hour!... 60% of this waste is avoidable. 

MyStr33t is helping to reduce this waste via its online marketplace which provides users with at least a 33% discount on food, and retailers with a simple way to generate 66% in sales from surplus food. 

Simply upload your surplus items to the marketplace and Mystr33t will do the rest!

No sale: No fee.

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Vipul Patel - CEO & Founder

MyStr33t Ltd was founded by Vipul Patel in London, in 2015. His enthusiasm stems from our passion to make a positive change to the way we as a society manage food and in particular how to minimise food waste across the food supply chain. To us, it is all about making change achievable for business and consumer alike. We believe this is only possible by making this rewarding on a commercial, environmental and social level.   

In March 2015 Richard Branson launched #VOOM Pitch to Rich 2015 with 3 categories Start-Up, New Things & Grow, I entered Mystr33t in “New Things” Category. I was over the moon to make the shortlist which gave me the drive and determination to push on with MyStr33t and turn my idea into a living App! 5 years later my idea is about to become reality!

The MyStr33t Marketplace is launching in London and Regionally in 2020.

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A Few Facts...

Waste occurs in each stage of the food chain. Some of this waste is difficult to prevent. But much more is preventable. From the Farm to the Fork we can all make a difference and reduce the economic, environmental and social impact of food waste. Take a look our Promotional videos to find our more.

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