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Our nation’s food waste is a problem that we must each tackle, not only as businesses but as individual consumers too. UK households create around 7 million tons of food waste every year. This is not only incredibly strenuous and damaging for the environment but it is also not sustainable. Initiatives to reduce the UK’s food waste are taking place, including the Courtauld Commitment 2025, which seek to steer our food industry in the right direction. However, with over 60% of our household waste estimated to be preventable, there are better habits consumers can adopt within the home. This is where the Mystr33t Marketplace can help.

By using the Maytr33t Marketplace, you will be able to see the local food retailers in your area who are selling surplus stock at a reduced price. These retailers could be restaurants, cafes, shops, or grocers, each offering all types of still fresh food stock that would otherwise be wasted. You may find yourself a meal for the evening or a box of ingredients that you can transform into something special. Once you have chosen, you simply visit the retailers and pick up your food at a discounted price.

Each purchase you make will be discounted by at least 33%, which is an excellent saving for your food budget, especially when considering that, currently within the UK, food waste costs the average family of four up to £70 a month. By considering the food you purchase and the food you throw away, you can reduce your own costs, as well as support a more sustainable food industry.

As a customer of the Marketplace, we make sure you choose from reputable retailers with positive Food Hygiene ratings. In addition, users can leave reviews for each transaction, allowing others to review the business and the quality of the product they receive. This way, whether you are buying loaves of bread or vegan tacos, you can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality product. Also, for those with food allergies, we ask for your dietary specifications when you register your Marketplace account. This way, we will be able to recommend the right food for your diet.

Depending on your food preferences, you will also find tabs for vegetarian and vegan foods, healthy food or snacks! It isn’t solely food either, and many places on the Marketplace also offer drinks too. No matter what preference you have, there will be something to satisfy your hunger.

Currently, when visiting the Mystr33t Marketplace, you’ll find food retailers all over London. Put in your location and you will see a map pointing out each business nearby. We are currently registering new businesses across the UK, so keep checking back to see when they become available.

Paying for your product is done online and safely, using both debit and credit cards via World Pay. For any further information, you might require about our Mystr33t Marketplace, visit our website. Or, you can reach out to a member of our team by emailing

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