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Did you know that restaurants, takeaways and food stores regularly buy more food than they need?

With MyStr33t you can buy this delicious surplus food at 33% LESS than anywhere else! We have a huge range of high-quality ingredients and meals for takeaway or delivery at low prices right in your area.

Simply follow the steps below to sign up and get great, local food delivered to you at a fraction of the normal price.

You’re going to love MyStr33t - the new, simple, convenient way to get your groceries and takeaways at a fraction of the cost of anywhere else!

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How Does Mystr33t Work?

Food stores and restaurants regularly buy more food than they need. Normally, that food goes to waste.


At MyStr33t we take all that extra food and give the food outlets an opportunity to sell it at knock-down prices directly to you. So, you get fresh, delicious, top quality food at a fraction of the cost.

We have a network of over 50 food outlets in the Gravesend area including restaurants, takeaways, convenience stores and delicatessens catering for all your family’s food needs.

All you need is our App or access to our website. Then choose your groceries, ingredients for meals or takeaway meals and decide if you want to collect it or have it delivered. It’s that easy to save 33% on your food bill!

7 Reasons To Join The Mystr33t Family

Get your favourite foods, ingredients, takeaways and more at 33% less than supermarket prices.

That’s more than £XX saved on your weekly food bill.

When you buy from MyStr33t you are helping cut down on the 10 MILLION TONNES of food wasted every year.

All your food comes from local shops, so you know you’re helping support the local economy, not global brands.

Get loyalty points every time you buy and earn while you spend.

Get your food shop delivered straight to your door or pick it up at your local MyStr33t partner store.

By letting us help you reduce your food wastage, you could save up to £540 per year on food.


MyStr33t is your online shop that allows local businesses to sell their ‘still-fresh’ surplus food to customers within their community. When you join us as a customer you’ll save at least 33% on your food bill and help to eliminate food waste within your community.

Sell your surplus food

And if you’re a business, you can save up to 66% of your food waste by using our ecommerce platform to offer your surplus food, so you can find more customers and sell more products.


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